How to Download Twitter Videos

How to Download Twitter Video

No More Steps Twitter Video Downloader Button available on your Twitter account and goto any video to see

Connect to Twitter to download

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Download Videos Using Chrome Extension
Goto your Twitter homepage or Groups or Pages and pause on any Video or Play it  and you will find 2 buttons below every Video to Download in HD or SD Quality as MP4. See screenshot below.

Download Videos Using Chrome Extension

Another Download way

Go to  any single video and you will find 2 blue buttons upper left on every video and you can also download the videos on HD or SD Quality as MP4 See screenshot below

Download Videos Using Chrome Extension

Download Links Also Available on Previewed Small Video

Also you Will Find the download links on any streaming Video like the below screenshot

Download Videos Using Chrome Extension

New Update : 4.0.3 on 23 June 2018

SaveAs Video Downloader has Been Updated to Ver 4.0.3

Changelog Ver 4.0.3 : Twitter Video Downloader Added

You can go Now to your Twitter Account and See our simple downloader

twitter video downloader

New Update : 4.0.2 on 21 June 2018

Twitter Video Download Has Been Updated to Ver 4.0.2

Changelog Ver 4.0.2 : Fixed HD blue button Download to detect 1080 MP4 Videos from Twitter[ Twitter Update ]

Frequently Asked Questions

You Can solve this issue, instead of left clicking use the Right Click -> Save as... and choose the location you'd like to save the video to.
Videos usually saved under "Downloads" folder but you may used Save As Option and changed it to another one you can make a simple Check on Windows by Pressing [ CTRL+J ] and if you are using MAC you can Press [ Shift+Command+J ] in your Browser to view your download history.
Sorry, but Youtube isn't supported. Due to Youtube and Google Chrome Webstore policy, we disabled this feature.
You can't save Twitter Live videos while streaming but you can download it after they finish streaming.
Simply You Must do a Hard Refresh to your Page For Windows [ Ctrl+Shift+R ] and For MAC [command+Shift+R] .. Thats All.
SaveAs is Totally Free and has no limit to download .

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